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Global View Commando is a unique training solutions company whose instructors have passed a rigorous selection process and are recruited solely from her Majesty’s Royal Marine Commandos, ensuring only the highest calibre of instruction and experience. Our instructors have received world class training in a myriad of different military skills and techniques that can be passed on through bespoke training courses, always guided by the Royal Marines Ethos.

We offer some of the most comprehensive training covering all environments. With training centres in the UAE, Finland, Poland, Brazil, Australia and the UK we can provide courses to suit all needs. From individuals to large corporate groups and from three hour sessions to several days we have a professional team on standby.

We have also developed Bushcraft courses for children of all ages, a Fitness and nutrition Academy and our Sports Academy allowing a wide range of people to benefit from our brand of Commando expertise.

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Expert Training Packages

From our vast supply of instructors around the world, bespoke training packages and courses can be designed and delivered to suit any requirement including  :

Close Protection
Threat Assessment
Risk Mitigation
Intelligence Gathering
Firearms Tactical Training
Advanced Driving
Counter terrorism
Hostage Negotiation
Combat and FPOS Medic
Maritime and ship Security

Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Warfare
Weapons Training
Assault Engineering
Mortar Weapons System
Resistance to Interrogation
Leadership and Command
Riot Control
Crisis Management
Conflict Management
Self Defence

Military and Civilian training courses for corporations and individuals

A wide range of off the shelf and bespoke training programes from single days and beyond. Call us with your requirements. We have bases able to offer training accross all landscapes and conditions.

Desert Survival
Desert Survival
Location: UAE
Welcome to desert survival school

Desert: Located at a training area in the rolling red sands dunes of the Al Ain desert, you will be operating in temperatures of up to 50 degrees. You’ll be learning the essential skills of navigation, water collection and shelter building amongst many other techniques.

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Jungle Survival
Jungle Survival
Location: Brazilian rain forest
Welcome to jungle survival school

Jungle: In the humid Brazilian rainforest you will be led on an adventure through the trees picking up vital skills needed to survive and navigate in arguably the most hostile of the planets environments.

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Mountain Survival
Mountain Survival
Location: Poland
Welcome to Mountain survival school

Mountain: Based at our training area in the picturesque French Pyrenees you will be taught the safest ways to travel across this arduous terrain, picking up skills such as navigation, temporary shelter building, hazard avoidance and clothing and equipment planning.

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Island & Sea Survival
Island & Sea Survival
Location: Brazil
Welcome to Sea and Island survival school

Island & Sea: Come and visit our private island off the coast of Brazil and discover how to survive in this challenging yet beautiful environment. From finding fresh water to building shelter and hunting by the time you complete the course you would survive.

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Arctic Survival
Arctic Survival
Location: Finland
Welcome to Sea and Island survival school

Arctic: In the frozen tundra of the arctic circle you will experience the true meaning of cold weather survival. In temperatures as low as -30 degrees you will learn how to combat cold weather injuries and dehydration through a number of skills including fire lighting techniques, hunting and temporary shelter building.

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Outback Survival
Outback Survival
Location: Central Australia
Welcome to Outback survival school

Outback: New for 2019 a brand new environment, new challenges, new approaches. Learn how to survive in one of the most challenging environments on earth.

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The Nutcracker


The NutCracker and his team will be doing everything they can to make you ‘ring the bell’ and retire from the competition.

You will be tired, hungry and possibly confused by the tactics used by The NutCracker.......This is the ultimate test of determination, mental strength and absolute focus.

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Global View Survival:
Its not just about people


We activly support Veterans 4 Wildlife - click on the link to vist their web page and here from one of our instructors who spent five weeks at Thula Thula game reserve in South Africa using his Marine experiance to train anti-poaching unit rangers is basic miliary tactics to better equip them against heavily armed poachers.

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2109 Kids
Summer Camp


Global View Commando is a unique training solutions company which offers our brand of traing to all ages. In 2019 we are offering your children the oportunity to learn valuable survival skills from our team of Royal Marine Commandos.

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Corporate Team Building:
Energise your people the Global way


The Royal Marines build the most amazing teams that take on all challenges - by using our training, our expertise and  motivational abilities we can help you transform key areas such as: 

» Morale and leadership skills
» Clearly defining objectives and goals
» Improving process and proceedures
» Encouraging cohesion
» Increasing personal development skills
» Developing better communication 
» Promoting brave, unselfish acts which define teams and reward determination, humour and fortitude

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