Adult Survival Weekend

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Adult Survival Weekend

Held in the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside, this is a fun and informative introduction to survival techniques employed by the commandos.

DATE: 15th June @1000hrs to 16th June 1100 hrs

Student must bring:

Ruck sack, Sleeping bag, Basic wash kit, medication as required, laced shoes/trainers, full length cargo pants style trousers, long sleeve shirt, warm jacket, torch

All course materials, food and refreshments will be provided on the course.

The weekend will include:

Survival situations

Environmental respect

Water sourcing, purification and carriage

Fire uses and lighting techniques

Day and night time navigation, improvised compasses and route selection

Temporary shelter building

Animal tracking, trapping, skinning, gutting and cooking

Universal edibility test

Bush tucker Trial

Survival tins

First aid

Signalling techniques


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COST: £175

Only 20 spaces available